Getting started

Get your HxDR StartApp

If you already have an HxDR account

  • Log in by using the button on the top right of your sceen
  • Either go back to the homepage or go to your dashboard
  • Click on the "Create New StartApp" button to specify your preferences
  • Once the application is created, download a ZIP file which contains your pre-configured HxDR StartApp

If you don't have an account yet, either:

  • Get in touch with the person who let you know about StartApp. They will know how to set one up for you.
  • Send us a message by filling in the form at

After that, follow the guidelines above.

Install and run the HxDR StartApp

Unzip the HxDR StartApp file, and run it in a development setup:

  1. Run npm install at the root of your application.
  2. Run npm run dev at the root of the application.
  3. Access your development server on http://localhost:4200.

Building the client

To build your client into a packed application:

  1. Run npm run build at the root of the application.
  2. Find the built application in the build folder.